Will Kate And Sawyer Be An Item Again On ‘Lost’?

Thanks to whispertome for the heads up.

If you thought the tortured tropical romance between Sawyer Bandar Ceme Online and Kate was over, you might be surprised by a future episode of “Lost,” according to Evangeline Lilly, who stars as Kate on the ABC thriller.

“There is a reunion of sorts” awaiting the pair, says Lilly. Never mind that Kate seems to have escaped that mystical island while Sawyer, the handsome rogue played by Josh Holloway, was staying put.

Lilly calls their future encounter “very laced and complicated and simple.” But she’s careful not to spill any further details.

“I never know what I can and can’t say,” she explains.

Now in its fifth season, “Lost” airs Wednesdays.

Source: Optimum