Nestor Carbonell Interview

Thanks to The ODI for the heads up.

Nestor Carbonell—who is again playing the mysterious, apparently ageless Richard Alpert in the fifth season of ABC’s Lost—told SCI FI Wire that he understands if viewers are a little disoriented by the show’s time-jumping storyline this year: So is he.

“I’m a little dizzy,” Carbonell admitted in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. “Initially, it took me, in the first episode, [a moment to figure out] ‘OK, when am I exactly? Where are we, and when am I?’ But, no, it didn’t take long. I think the viewers, after this episode [that aired Jan. 28], the show very much settles down, and you get the gist of the season, that you’re going to be dealing with some elements of time travel.”

Source: SCi FI Wire