More Filming Updates And Photos

Big thanks to DarkUFO reader Chris J for the following filming report and photos.

I also saw the same stuff. I took some picture as well. i saw them filming in the day time as well. They were shooting at a “apartment” type complex.

And the 1st scene I’m not sure who was involved. I THOUGHT I saw Abbadon’s head, but i could be wrong. and i could hear them over the fence, mentioning money. and being surprised and stuff. they also were later shooting a scene with a little Asian boy (assuming its a young miles.) running into a hotel room, and I believe seeing a “dead body” because thats what they had kinda said. i saw them putting a dummy in there. and when the boy went in the room he acted surprised, and then i heard them saying “Charlie up” “Eko’s up” and “Locke’s up” between takes.
after the boy would run inside, an Asian woman and an older looking gentlemen went in there after him. there was also an older looking Asian man on set acting as well. i m not sure doing what or who it was.

Later we saw them filming at that taco shop, and miles being thrown into the van and being kidnapped. i didn’t hear them say that we weren’t allowed to take photos. so i took some from time to time. and it would explain why they were eyeballing me like i was killing kittens.
there were a lot of other people there, and a lot of people taking pictures.

The security guard earlier that day said he didn’t want me to take photos, but we were welcome to watch. so we did.

Funny story. we actually thought the Mexican food place they were shooting at was real, so prior to them actually shooting we tried to actually order food, becuase there were some other people there. and when we tried to order none of the crew said anything, the guy at the counter actually played along, thinking that we were actually in the scene. it was quite embarrassing. and hilarious at the same time.

Heres my photos from the day.

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Source: Chris J @ DarkUFO