Episode 5X13 – New Set Report And Photos

With filming for Episode 5×13 underway, our good friend Roxy was able to grab some interesting pictures today.

Apparently Miles was filming a scene off-island being kidnapped by two guys and one of the men seemed to have a Swan Logo on his jacket!?

NOTE: I am assuming this is for Episode 5×13 as filming for that episode began today, but it is possible this crew is still filming for a previous episode. Once we know more we will confirm

Here is her little report and some pics:

Today they were filming off of Lehua St near Chuck E Cheese in Pearl City. It was a shot of Miles being kidnapped by two men and thrown into a van. Pics are attached 🙂

Is that the Swan symbol on the “bad guys” jacket???? We weren’t suppose to take pictures- so I didn’t get any action shots, sorry!


(Click to Enlarge)
Roxy@The ODI